Monday, May 23, 2011

Yet another diversion...

It seams that I just can't finish a project without at least one diversion.... And this time, it is a very cute little elephant that I made for my son Alexandro. He really likes it, and that is no surprise!

 This was a test knit for another designer on Ravelry. I saw that in the Free Pattern Testers group and I just could not resist.... The pattern is called Trumpy the African Elephant, by Claire Sibley. It is fairly easy, the only challenge were the British crochet instructions, I am more used to the American ones, and generally much prefer charts anyway - whenever possible, but other than that, it is a well written pattern and if You are thinking of creating a toy, I'd recommend it. I decided to add a bowtie to it, but it would be very easy to improvise with the outfits, maybe create a vest or a skirt to alternate looks. Well, it's all decided on this one, he's a boy, so no skirt... :) I am still awaiting on what his name will be, not Trumpy though, I guess, - sorry Claire :))

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