Friday, June 3, 2011

My Sunset Shawl

Waterloo Sunset

It all started with yarn....
Around Easter time I was experimenting with some egg dyes and section died some mohair/merino yarn. I was planning a shawl with it, and cast when the ColourMart contest on Ravelry began. I was planning and playing around with stitches creating several versions of patterns, but when I started to knit... they just did not seam right. I wanted something flowing, something with clean, clear lines. So I started all over again and once again, this is designed "on the go"...
When I was knitting this shawl, I was thinking of the last year's summer evenings, that we spent near the beach. There is a playground for children, and we usually stay there till it's dark. Watching sunset every evening while listening to the sea and children play is my perfect ending of a summer day and I am so looking forward to do just that this summer, too! Just the thought of it makes me feel happy and puts a smile on my face. One of my test knitters named her shawl "Waterloo Sunset", and I looked up the song.... although this had not been on my playlist before, it surely is now. I'll be quietly singing it while watching my sunset and wearing my shawl...

Have a happy summer!
Waterloo Sunset - 2

You can find this shawl on Ravelry as "Waterloo Sunset",
a downloadable pdf version is also available here: $6.00 .

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