Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Snowcloud in the middle of the summer

This is an impulsive project, but I start to believe that these turn out the best... I am in the middle of testing another shawl - the Sunset Shawl. I will tell You the story of it, once the testing is complete, as I want to shoot a few more nicer photos, but here's a sneak-peak:
This is a colorful lace shawl, and my test knitters are trying out some very attractive color combinations, too. One of my favorites at this moment is a light white to beige color combination in a Scandinavian yarn called "Plötulopi". I have never tried it, but I love the look so much, that I ordered some of that yarn just last night....

The thing is, that I am an unbelievably impatient person, and I kept going through my stash again and again till I came up with something that is somewhat satisfying me till my Plötulopi arrives. I decided to use a light blue lace weight merino in combination with white kid-mohair for the body - the look is nearly glowing! I have a few options on how to go for the border with either changing the light blue to a slightly darker shade, or, most likely, I will change the white mohair to grey and keep the blue. Despite the generous size of this shawl (my first version measures over 2m wingspan), this is a very fast knit. The body knits up very quick, and the border offers enough interest not to get bored with it. This shawl will be done in no time.

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