Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I am happy to announce the release of Windcatcher - airy, light, very delicate lace shawl. I have to say I am very proud of this pattern. Before writing it up, I did some research about what makes a pattern good, and tried to use all advice I found. Clear instructions, pleasant layout, big, clear, easy to read charts, most commonly used knitting symbols. I have received a very positive feedback from my test knitters, and I am in fact considering  doing a remake for the patterns I already have published to match the same standard.
All of my test knitters have voted this pattern suitable for beginner lace knitters, mentioning following reasons:
  • easy to read lace in both - body and border patterns
  • easy to memorize the pattern
  • has no complex stitches
  • easy to pick up and knit without getting lost in the pattern
I agree with them, but I would just like to remind that a beginner knitter and beginner lace knitter are not exactly the same things. This will be an easy project - even as a first lace project - for those, who are comfortable with knitting in general. As there are a lot of yarn overs, You will need to keep a steady tension for the pattern to look nice and even. That being said, it really knits up in a breeze, so it's one of those knits that are easily finished and less likely to stay in a pro-longed Work-In-Progress status.

One of my test knitters has added beads throughout the body of the shawl - right on top of each double decrease. It looks absolutely stunning! I love it so much that I might just end up doing another Windcatcher, beaded this time.

At the moment the lace part is done in charts only, I might also add written instructions later on, if there are requests for that.
While I have done both my shawls with a relatively small needle, I am a really loose knitter. Normally I'd suggest using a needle size US 3-6, 3mm-4mm, or even 4,5mm for a fingering weight yarn. I have calculated the pattern for 5 different sizes, it is easy to adjust the size as you knit.
Here are a few more photos:

This shawl is available as a pdf file download for $6.00
You can also find Windcather on Ravelry.
Happy knitting!

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