Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Heart Lace

Finally, this simple, feminine shawl is also available as a design for those, who want to knit one. For me this was a new experience regarding test knitting. I'll admit - I was nervous. But my test knitters happen to be amazing people, who pointed out a lot of useful things. Once again, I was reminded that things that seam simple to one person, might create confusion to others, so I got a chance to improve the pattern to be easier to understand for everyone. It is one thing to design something new, and an entirely different thing to write it up in a good pattern. I am also very proud that it has been chosen as a KAL of the month for beginner lace knitters - I believe they will enjoy this project. If you feel like joining, visit the Ravlery group for beginning lace knitters Scary Lace and find a thread called Newbie Korner Kal. You can find I Heart Lace on Ravelry, or download now the pdf file, it is free! That is my gift to the fellow knitters on my birthday :) Happy knitting, and I hope to see a lot of beautiful shawls!


  1. Immediately I saw this shawl I thought I must knit it! :)

  2. We are some friend we´re going to knit this shawl.
    I would like to know witch progran use to make the chart and if there any diference between "O - yarn over - center/side increase" and only "O - yarn over"

  3. I have a question about the beginning of this shawl. You say to cast on 2 provisional stitches, then knit 14 rows, after which you pick up 7 stitches along the garter edge of those rows and knit the 2 provisional stitches. That's 9 stitches. But the very next thing in the pattern says 2+7+2=11 stitches and the pattern continues on 11 stitches. Where do the extra 2 stitches come from? The pattern doesn't say. I would love to knit this shawl! I have just the most perfect yarn for it....

  4. I LOVE this pattern! Unfortunately, I don't read charts well. Is there a row-by-row pattern instruction that I can follow? Please help!