Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun Felt Egg Cozy Pattern

These are fun and a very quick project.
For a pdf version download now 

Things You’ll need:

A little bit of 100% wool yarn, worsted (super-wash will NOT felt)
DPNs or double point needles
Tapestry needle for weaving in the ends
Crochet hook
Rubber gloves for felting
Liquid dish soap for felting

Gauge: 4 st = 1 inch
Finished size after felting: ~4.5 inches tall, 3,5 inches - cozy + 1,5 inches - 'tail'. It fits over the whole egg.


Cast on 30 stitches and split them on 3 needles – 10 stitches/needle. Knit in round for 11 rows.
Row 12: k2tog, knit till the end of needle, repeat for each needle.
Repeat row 12 till you have 2 stitches left on each needle.
Then k2tog, put down the free needle, k2tog, put down the free needle, k2tog. You’ll end up with 3 stitches on one needle. Knit I-cord for about an inch.

Next row: knit back and front of the loop in all three stitches. You’ll have 6 st on the needle now. Knit two rows like if you were to do 6 st I-cord. Then slip the stitches on a crochet hook and pull the loop through all of them. Make one single crochet to tighten the “ball”. Make another single crochet to join the row where you increased I-cord from 3 to 6 stitches. Cut the yarn, weave in the ends.
 The un-felted cozy measures about 3.2" wide and about 5" tall including the 'tail'.


Felting is done by using hot and cold water, while agitating the item with the rubber gloves and a drop of detergent. Start with hot water, soak your cozy, add some detergent and start working it with the gloves, don’t let it cool down. After a while, shock the cozy placing it under cold running water, wash out the soap and check progress. Repeat as many rounds of this as needed, every wool felts different, every color of the same wool felts different….
I only needed two cycles for this one:
result after felting cycle #1
result after felting cycle #2

Once you are happy with the result, dry the cozy with towel, gently squeezing out excess water. Shape it and leave to dry. Do NOT use a hair dryer! (ask me now I now it….)

That is it!

I-cord - knit 3 stitches, do NOT turn work, just slide them to the right side of the needle, knit 3 stitches again, slide again, knit 3 st again… etc
k2tog - knit two stitches together

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