Saturday, March 5, 2011

When Less Is More...

I found that a simple knit triangular shawl with a lace edging is very appealing and sometimes even more than a complicated lace... Why? Because it is so easy to add it to various styles and combine it with everyday outfits, creating a really classy and elegant look.
These are my latest lace shawls:
The Red Lace Shawl:

It is done in simple stockinette stitch, adding a lace border that features hearts. A few more pics:
 I might just write up a pattern for it, I really love how this came out....  For now, You can purchase the ready shawl at

And here is the Fuschia Lace Shawl:

It's a fairly simple border, but it also looks nice. I have used this border for my Deep Purple shawl, but I simplified it a little this time. I have added this shawl to my shop at

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  1. Lovely blog and lovely shawls from a more than lovely lady!!! xoxo