Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year, New goals

Happy New Year! :)
A little late for the greetings I guess, since January is already in the middle, but I really wish everyone to have an amazing year!
I've been thinking about my life as the years were changing and for the first time in last few years I actually had the feeling that something will change in our lives, that something good will happen this year, something big. I haven't felt this kind of anxiety for a long time now, as my life has been pretty steady and planned so far, but a lot of things are changing lately. Work, finances, politics, nature... nothing seams to be for sure anymore. So I welcome the new year will all the changes it will bring, hoping that they will be good. The most important thing - my family and all loved ones are all in good health, and I wish You, my dear reader, the same!

This year I actually made a list of personal goals I would like to achieve, things I'd like to do. I plan to come back to this list later on to see how well it turned out. So, here they are:

  • I want to design and publish at least 10 new patterns throughout the year, and at least one of them should be a sweater. 
  • I want to try a new craft, or a new technique. 
  • I want to eat more healthy. October to December my family did not really have anything close to a healthy diet, so that should change.
  • I want to loose the last 4 kilos that I have left from the pregnancy, so I can fit in my tight jeans again...
  • I want to have an amazing summer with my kids
  • I want to take a lot of photos
My biggest wish is to be able to balance my time so that everything is covered, my kids, my house, my husband and me. And to have enough time for knitting... :) We shall see how it works out.

What plans do You have for the New Year?

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