Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Little bits of Christmas feeling

It's been so busy lately, I barely have had any free time at all. But, besides renovating our house and taking care of my kids and all everyday stuff, I have managed to capture a few bits of Christmas spirit, too. There are quite a few bazaars going on lately, and I have taken part at two of them already, both for charity. Both got a few hats for kids to sell and for the preschool bazaar I also made these delicious, delicious cookies..... :)

Yes, the whole house smelled like Christmas :) And, I have not decorated anything yet - waiting for the workers to finish. My son has driven me crazy about it, but I think it will be worth waiting. :) So this was a nice prelude.

I will be doing these again at least twice this year, so I might as well share the recipe next time I bake them. This is also the first year I tried the icing and it was perfect!

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