Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sidetracked by butterflies

One would think that with such a close deadline on my Hanami, I would surely stay on track.... well, one would be wrong. I think if anyone would count the projects I have completed while I knit something else, the side-trackers' numbers would be much higher. That is just the way I work, I guess.

So what is it this time? Two things, actually. First, I really wanted to try out Moebius cowl and I have dyed last week a beautiful DK weight merino, just enough for a small project. I actually started it before the shawl, so technically it might not even count.... I did a couple rows yesterday just because the day was so frustrating I could not concentrate on anything by the time I had time to knit...

 The second one was a true distraction though. And I am not even at the knitting part yet!!! I just officially finished the test-knit for "Darling Blankie", and one of my test knitters, when finishing, said she's been asked for a butterfly blanket... Butterflies.... they have never really been my thing, but somehow this morning I must have been in a really creative mood. My design is inspired by a tattoo(!), and - it is NOT lace. An interesting mix of cables is what I have in mind, but I shall say no more at this point. I probably won't have time to cast on before September though (unless I find a really good excuse...) and I am not confident enough to give it for testing without having knit the design myself. It looks really pretty though on paper and I have to restrain myself from not going through stash for suitable yarn....

Anyhow, back to Hanami. I have managed to complete charts A,B and C for the first side (there are 4 more to go) and am currently on chart D. Photos tomorrow, when - hopefully - I'll have more to show!

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