Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hanami Sprint - can I do it???

I really have no idea, how it happened, but time simply slipped and before I knew it, deadlines are right around the corner. My mother has a birthday in 11-th of August, and I want to do something special for her. I just thought I still have plenty of time.... but I don't. I am leaving for Latvia in 9 days, and I really want my present to be ready.
I picked the most beautiful yarn I have in my stash and it also happens to be one of my moms favorite colors - I just know she will be thrilled!!! It's a 70% cashmere/ 30% silk yarn, in a absolutely gorgeous color, called - viola. It is a silver-grey-lilac with an amazing sheen. I have it twisted for me in heavy lace/light fingering weight at 1300 yards/150g. Although originally I had a different project in mind for it, obviously there was a reason I delayed casting on.... I am glad though.

So, can I do it? I picked "Hanami Stole" to knit, and I will be doing the cherry blossom version only. So I started with provisional cast on, unfortunately I only did 8 rows last night, so I really need to speed things up today. There are about 200-ish rows for each half, 95 stitches each row, so that would mean something like 40 000+ stitches in total, since there are also some rows in the middle and ruffle at the end.... Ehh, a little math tells me I would need about 20 hours or so to finish the whole stole, we shall see..... Worst case scenario - I will finish it in Latvia. I hope I can manage though. Fingers crossed!
Here's how much I have so far. Do You think I'm crazy? :D

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  1. Oh that looks like a lovely gift for your Mom, I pray that you get finished in time!