Friday, February 1, 2013

Kαλό μήνα! Have a good month!

Greeks have a wonderfully positive attitude to life, by tradition - and that's one of the things I love about them. They have a blessing for so many things in life, and every first day of the month they wish each other a Good Month! 

So, kαλό μήνα! :)

So what are you up to in February? I have always loved this month of the year, because it is so short and often passes in a lightening speed - at this point of the year I am always getting impatient about SPRING, so I am looking forward for warmer, longer days and I spend February on work, or whatever 'must' activities I have in my life at the time - to get done with all the 'musts' so I can enjoy spring when it comes!

I hope this year will be no exception. I have been somewhat distracted during January - busy, yes, but without a clear schedule in my mind and - without a real result. So, high time to catch up.

I have one project though, that I've been working on - on and off - throughout end of December and January that I want to share. I think I'm approaching the finishing lines (and I hope I won't jinx my inspiration now by posting a photo :))

Freeform crochet with 100% wool

Freeform crochet, bullion stitch, surface crochet

 I really do love this peace. I have only used a handful of stitch types, yet it looks rich in texture and color. I am using a 100% wool yarn, lovely to work with. This will most likely become a cushion cover, and I hope to finish it really soon now...

The real question is - what shall I do with it? While I am in love with these colors, they don't exactly match my living room, I should have gone for a different theme. That's what happens when you start a project without a proper planning, just because you LOVE the yarn.... :)) Who knows, I might put it in my etsy store.

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