Friday, February 10, 2012

Wet felting

pink ruffle scarf

I still haven't conquered silk. In fact, it appears not as easy to find in my nearby stores and I will have to order online from somewhere, so I have put it on hold.

In the meanwhile, I have been obsessed with wet felting. I mean, really obsessed. I absolutely love the fabric you can get with cobweb felt! It's amazingly soft and drapes well.

And, I have discovered ruffles! This is a really impressive scarf, and I am going to send this one for my cousin, hopefully she will love it :) The colors I used are fluro pink, rose and magenta. Different fiber layout and a slightly more aggressive felting in the middle part of the scarf result in beautiful ruffly edges.

fluro pink, rose and magenta wet felt ruffle scarf
I have tries a few fiber combinations over the past week or so with cobweb wet felting technique. Merino silk mix produces the most luxurious ones, with a fascinating drape. Here are a few pics:
cobweb felt scarf black white red merino silk

This is one of my favorites - very elegant look

cobweb felt scarf merino silk earth tones

cobweb felt scarf "rose garden" shades of red beige and white
Pure merino wool can produce very nice results, too, but I discovered I had to be extra careful when fulling them, so that they would preserve all the softness and drape nicely. Here are some of my favorites:

cobweb felt scarf silver grey storm blue and  just a shadow of lilac to bring in extra light

cobweb felt merino scarf shades of purples and blue

cobweb felt merino scarf hot pink magenta fuchsia plum and bamboo staple 
And, I also tried a mix of 95% merino wool and 5% mohair, which produced a very airy and lightweight scarf with a bit of an earthy feel to it due to mohair.
cobweb felt scarf merino mohair mix purple and green
I absolutely love wet felting, the possibilities of fibers and colors are endless and results are gorgeous!

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