Monday, October 17, 2011

The charm of color changes

I am a fan of color changing yarns, so it was a question of time when I will try dyeing one myself. I've been playing around with dyes quite a bit lately, and this is my latest experiment.
I used a very soft wool for baby knits, although it does not say on label that it's merino, I have a suspicion it might be -it is a very nice, squishy yarn, 100% wool. The original color was white. I had divided it in 6 mini skeins and dyed each one separately.
 It's a 4-ply yarn, I have 100g here, about 450 meters total. It should be enough for a small shawl.
 While experimenting with this, I also wanted to try some tie-dye method, dyeing yarn in skein, then re-tying skein differently and placing it in another color. For third color change I tied my skein loosely in two places. First dye bath was a bright yellow, second - spring green and third - a lovely purple. I am thinking now, that I really should have done a fourth one with just one knot, masking some of the color with an even darker purple, maybe adding some black even, but well, I had run out of my play time :) There will be a next time, too :) I don't know what will I do with it yet, there are about 70g of the yarn here. I might combine it with a solid color, winter is coming fast and everyone needs warm accessories.... Here are some pics:

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